MUD Pitm Handmade Ceramic tiles and objects


MUD from the Earth
Pi from the Mind

MUD, as seen through the filter of my mind, Pi, thus MUD Pi. I create mid-fire artistic tile and hand-built stoneware objects inspired by Arts and Crafts, Architecture, Nature & Gardening. MUD Pi Hand-built castle planter MUD Pi Hand-built plaques MUD Pi Hand-built tiles and objects MUD Pi Hand-built mini planters MUD Pi Handmade tiles MUD Pi Hand-built mini gargoyle face planters MUD Pi Handmade mounted tile murals MUD Pi Hand-built mini keepsake boxes MUD Pi Hand-built mini house planters MUD Pi Hand-built face characters MUD Pi Hand-built plaques

My subject matter is inspired by nature and rendered in clay: MUD; seen through the filter of my mind: Pi, thus "MUD Pi". I create mid-fired artistic tile and hand-built stoneware objects inspired by The Arts and Crafts movement, Architecture, Nature & Gardening.
Each tile starts with a design and is created by first building a positive and than casting a mold. The clay is rolled into a slab and pressed into the mold. The tiles are hand trimmed and hand glazed with a paintbrush from many glazes that I mix in the studio. Layering a number of glazes creates the unique glaze colors and mottled surfaces. The tiles are fired to cone 6. The amount of handwork involved creates variations and each tile is unique.
A selection of MUD Pitm tiles and Objects can be found online at my Etsy® Shop.